About ME

Hello peps!

My name is Beatriz and I love my dog. -awesome, best about me page ever, haha-

Kidding, I'm currently living in -most of the time sunny- Miami, but I'm originally from San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda, Venezuela -wooho-


I really enjoyed my time in the internet so I decided to create my own www.space, so I created a blog called "Classy and Trendy" -yep, that was the name- and basically that's how all started. This more or less as I like to call it, my "Digital room" or my visual diary.


I'm really into photography, playing around illustrator and photoshop, tech stuff and video making. I consider myself an amateur and self-taught  in all those things, but you have to start with something right?

Things I love:

  • Titi (the best dog and friend that i could ever ask for)
  • My family
  • Kristhian   (my awesome boyfriend)
  • Staying in bed all day watching series and movies is another fave of mine.
  • Dressing up
  • Reading
  • Music with indie-electronic vibes
  • Stargazing 
  • Long walks

I hope you enjoy your time here, thank you for stopping by -virtual hug-

Doggy Shirt Outfit-2.jpg