Friday, September 30, 2016
It feels like forever since the last time I wrote something here, and yeah it's been almost a year. But stuff happens and life gets in the way haha -I sound like a forty-year-old lady that got divorced three times already-. I want to say that hopefully and if "life" lets me you'll see me more often writing and sharing stuff in here. 

This past summer I was just wondering around on Pinterest -as you do all the time- and I came across this awesome pin of one the Fabfitfun boxes...AND I seriously can't explain to you how and why I ended up getting a subscription to their website. When I got my first box, which was the summer box I literally felt like I was getting a Christmas present in July. The good thing about it is that all of the things inside the box are full size! And they're not "any" thing that you'll get at Ross or any other place, they're GOOD like really good quality stuff.

This fall box compare to the other one is by far my favorite. I really enjoy all of the things that this season brings to our lives. The weather, the smells, the fact that you can dress in sweaters again without dying!! YASSS!

If you want to get one of this boxes go their website and sing up!! It's also a really nice gift for Christmas, you don't have to think too much trying to get the perfect gift, the box does it all for you!!

I made a video where I detail everything I got in the box, so go go and check it out. 

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