Holiday Gift Guide for Her // 2015

Friday, December 4, 2015
So today is the third day of December and it's officially the first week of the most magical month of the entire year woohoo -and March, because is my birthday haha- If I can give you a piece of advice on this matter, DON'T and I repeat, DON'T leave your Christmas shopping for the last minute! Most of the time you'll end up getting something that it's not what you had in mind and also everything is full of people and it's just terrible haha. So today I wanted to help you cross off your list: HER gifts! There's something for everyone, for your mom, your grandma, your best friend or maybe you can give yourself something for being such a good you!! 

Tell me in comments what's your fave, and if you have any other idea don't forget to share it too. Also keep an eye on this space for more holiday gift guides and many other festive posts! I just love Christmas so much, don't you? 

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