Thursday, November 26, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful for so many things. I was born and raised in Venezuela and as you may know or may not know, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But since I'm living in the US, I might as well join for the celebrations! -ehem Black Friday- 
I believe that being thankful is so important in life. I try to thank God every single day for everything that He has done for me, for giving me life and an AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL family, for the most amazing dog in the entire world, for Kristhian -my boyfriend- and his beautiful family, for the fact that I have something to eat every single day and a roof to sleep in, I'm thankful for you...I'm so thankful for so so much that I don't even think that all of it fits in one post.
I hope that you have an awesome Thanksgiving day with your love ones!! And remember that you don't have to wait for this day or any other day to be thankful, you can be thankful all year around!
Tell me in the comments one thing that you're thankful for, I'll love to know! Lots of love,

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