Spongellé Infused Body Buffers // REVIEW

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm so excited to take my next shower, that you guys can't even imagine, and all thanks to the Spongellé Infused Body Buffers from Spongellé. When I knew I was going to receive this amazing products, I did a little research on the brand and found out that you can basically make a spa out of your bathroom with these products.

I got a Body Wash Infused Buffer in the scent Coconut Verbena -doesn't sound amazing?- and I also got one Pedi Buffer in Mandarin Mint. If you're like me you will absolutely love the product only by the packaging haha- It's perfect for displaying it in your bathroom in a cute basket. Now for the actual product, The Body Wash supposed to take off the dead and dry skin and make it all brand new, more soft and more smooth, and trust me it does exactly that. The way you use it, is by dipping the sponge into the water and then scrub it against your body in circular motion. The smell is absolutely amazing, as I told you before I got the Coconut Verbena scent, and I don't if you knew but I LOVE coconut scent in everything haha, sometimes coconut scents can be a little bit overwhelming but this is not the case for sure.

The Pedi Buffer is a miracle, I tend to have really rough heels and ever since I started using this they have improved so much, so I'm going to purchase this as soon mine runs out of uses. Both the body wash and the pedi buffer have like an average of uses, the body wash has 14+ and the pedi-buffer has 30+.

Overall I believe that this two are awesomely well made products, they literally made me feel like I have a Luxury Spa at home, and I can't wait to try others from their collection. You can find a lot more information in their website, where you can also take a look and buy the other products. Also you can follow them on instagram they post the cutest and more relax pictures ever.
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