Get Organized || HOW TO

Thursday, January 15, 2015
When I started blogging a year ago or so, I didn't have any kind of an organization system, I didn't have a track of the things I needed to do, like when I was going to post something or where, or how, anything as a matter of fact, haha! But since one of my goals is to do more in life and not procrastinate so much, having everything well organized helps me a lot; and for that reason I want to share with you a few things I like to do and have to keep me going and well organized! SO LETS DO THIS TOGETHER!

-Get a calendar or an angenda, some people go for paper calendars and others just use their phones, I'm more of a visual person, so I rather have it all in paper, somewhere visible for me to look at every single day, so I don't loose track of things. Of course there're options for everyone, and if you like having everything in your phone, you can always download apps or use the calendar that comes with the software...I recommend downloading "Notability, Wunderlist and Google Calendar it's pretty cool and also free!

-Having your work space or your place in general well organized helps a lot, and having a certain spot for every little thing you have makes things easier. so try to maintain your work space or the room you spend the most time nice, well organized and clean!
-Evernote, I love Evernote so freaking much that I can't even tell you haha, It helps me storage, and save photos, documents and a whole bunch of important stuff, and the best thing is that I can have access to all my documents, notes, to do lists and everything from any device! -I'm not being paid to tell you this, haha, I just love it, and I recommend you download it!
-Make To-Do lists, for me making to-do lists every single day has become a daily thing, I always make one in the morning and go through it during the day to see what's left for me to cross out.
In general to be well organized it's really important to make time for what matters, and know where your time goes when you're making stuff, I think it's all about creating new habits and try to make things easy for you, being more organized is one of them, so you can figure out when and where you'll take action.

This is a plan I found somewhere in the internet, so I don't know the person who made it to give him/her recognition, but I think it resumes everything quite well so here is it:

Plan: -Get a calendar
         - Plan Out                               >>>>Plan the steps you need to make in order to complete
         - Set challenges                      or achieve your goals!!!
         - Mark down deadlines

And that's pretty much it, I hope at least one of my tips help you somehow haha, and if you have something cool that you do and I didn't mention it in my tiny list, share it with me and others in the comments, lots of love, 



  1. I need to get organized! There are so many tools it makes me disorganized lol

    xx Sabrina | Instagram | Blogloving

  2. Omg Beatriz this is such a great post. I also really really need to get organised, especially for my blog. Thanks for sharing those apps, I was looking for one the other day that i'd seen online but I couldn't remember the name! Am going to get organised this weekend...! Also thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, totally made my day.

    Sarah-Jane xo //

  3. I'm really glad you liked it, and also that it helped you! Thank you so much for passing by, it really means a lot to me! I truly love your blog ♥♥

  4. To do lists are our bread and butter of organization!! Loved this list.

    xx 365Hangers

  5. great post! I reaally need to get more organized this year too!

  6. I know! I love To do lists! haha Thanks for passing by guys ♥