2015 - My Resolutions

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
New year, new me -like you haven't heard that before- Happy new year again, I'm so excited to start doing more and more this new year, and as I said in the last post, I wanted to share my new year's resolutions with you guys, I have never been the type of person who writes every single thing that I want in a list and start crossing out if I complete one of my "goals", Is not that I don't make "to do lists" or that I don't have goals, it's just that I'm not used to write everything that I want to do, If I have to do something I just have the thought in my head until I've completed the task...but in the past couple of months I have read that if you write the things you want in paper, and you keep them somewhere visible for you to look at every single day, then you'll feel a little bit more motivated to start making stuff happen in order to get or complete the things you wrote on paper.

I really recommend you to write down at least one thing, it can be a long term goal, or you can write three short term goals, and then from that you can make your action plan "What can I do to make this possible?" and after you come up with the plan, write down under your goal the steps to follow, you can do a little research before, and that's it, START MAKING THINGS POSSIBLE.

I'm sharing with you a few of the things I want to make possible before the year ends, there are of course some things I don't allow myself to share because I kind of believe in the fact that if you tell everyone something you really really want then maybe it won't come true, soo here are a few of my new year's resolutions:

- Perfect my English.
- Go to Spain in December.
- Make more blog posts.
- Perfect my French.
- Get a new camera.
- Drink more water.
- Get fit -what a surprise Beatriz-
- Learn new yoga positions.
- More time with family.
- Get to know local places.
- Buy a Ukelele.
- Quit picking my face.
- Eat more veggies.
- Stay within budget.
- Read at least 30 books -or maybe more- (I'm open for any cool recommendation).
- Sew cool clothes.
- Stop doubting.
- Learn at least one skill.
- Continue to push myself out my comfort zone.

If you have any new year's resolution that you want to share, feel free to comment and tell me if we have similar ones, lots of love,



  1. Such a cute edit of your photograph! Good luck in 2015. Love, Sjoukje

  2. Best of luck in 2015 dearest! Loved reading your resolutions :)


  3. Posted my new year resolutions on my blog but I tots love some of your goals! Good for you XD http://theprinsloodiaries.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I love the resolution on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I think that is my biggest resolution this year as well! Gook luck!!!



  5. Thank you Erica ♥ You're the nicest, and good luck for you too

  6. Thanks Asha ♥ I'm going to your blog right now and check yours out xx

  7. Thanks Michelle! Good luck for you too, and I wish you the best of all♥

  8. Happy new year. You've made some great resolutions and we share a lot of them!

    www.ellenwarnerxo.blogspot.co.uk x

  9. Thanks Ellen ♥ It's pretty cool that we share a lot of resolutions xx Good luck with all of them.

  10. Happy new year! Love the list you have going.

    Especially buying a ukelele!



  11. Thanks Nancy! Happy new year for you too ♥ I wish you the best, and hopefully we both have an ukelele soon haha! xx

  12. So many amazing resolutions and we are so on the same page. Deffinitly aiming to drink more water this year!!

    xx 365Hangers

  13. Good luck with your future goals! Hard work and perseverance really pays off.

    Hope to see you soon on my blog