One way to curl my hair | KISS InstaWave

Friday, December 19, 2014

I wanted to make this post a long time ago, but I've been really busy the past couple of weeks, traveling and stuff...hopefully I will manage to make more time and dedicate it to this tiny little space.

I received this curler a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share with you my experience with it...First of the curler is really easy to use, I mean it's not a complicated device or anything like it, It actually makes the process of getting curls a little bit easier -just a bit-

There are two heat settings -Low and High- and then the process starts simple enough, chose one or two inch section of hair to curl. Then, hold the barrel parallel to it, up towards the roots. There's a button that has two directions for you to give the curl the direction you want to give to the piece of hair you grabbed, and then the little prongs start swirling around in circles towards the direction you pressed the button and that puts your hair around the barrel...It all sounds a bit confusing, but it's not at all confusing haha if that makes any sense-

The good thing about this curler is that it doesn't tangle your hair whilst you're in the process of making the curls, and you can use any hand. Also the curler shuts down after 90 minutes, so if you for any reason leave it turned on, it will automatically shut down by itself.

If you want to purchase the Kiss InstaWave go to their site In the US, KISS InstaWave is available in Target, Ulta &

I did a little video showing you how it works -nothing fancy- Tell me what you think in the comments and don't forget you can follow me in my social media right there in the side bar >>

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