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Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm always trying to improve my mood and how I feel about life in many ways, so I thought I'll share with you reading this, some of the things that I try to keep a happy life, some little tips on how to move forward when you feeling a little bit down.

-Don't hold on...let go. Accept everything that you can't change, and don't put your thoughts and time thinking on things that you could have done differently. Pull yourself together and ask yourself : What can I do to solve it or make it better? Sometimes it works for me to talk to someone that I really trust, and tell them some of my negative feelings, and maybe they can give you some sort of support or they can tell you a different way to make things better!

-Remember the good memories. Every time your mind takes you to your bad thoughts and worries, use your memory to remember good things, cheer moments of your life; picture those memories and rescue every good and positive feeling, fill yourself with them and take a rest.

-Face your fears. Sometimes I like to make a list of things that scare me, so I'll make a list of every single one of them, then I'll sit down with my list and go through each and ask myself: what's the worst thing that can happen if this actually happens? I prepare myself to solve it in my mind and then I'll try to let go of that particular fear. Sometimes we denied to recognize that we have certain fears, and that only makes them stronger and bigger than they actually are.

-Try to make an outdoor or some exercise activity. Most of our worries accumulate them self in our bodies, and you can feel it maybe as a tension, so for that reason it's very important that you learn how to relax physically for you to fully let go of an emotional baggage. Doing yoga has really worked for me.

-Stay optimistic. If you have bad thoughts with regards of any situation that you're going to face, try to build good thoughts around it, think in a positive and in an affirmative way, trusting in your capabilities and possibilities; that'll help to stay optimistic and with more trust in yourself.

-Move forward. Accepting the things that we can't change and letting go the things that hurts us, would put an end to any bad process that we're going through, that way we can retake our lives with a lot more strength and joy, assuming the new things to come. Remember that it's really important to let go the past in order to move forward.

Those are a few things that I do when I'm feeling lost, or bad. Hope these piece of advice works for you, and if you feel bad someday you can always come here and I'll try to help. Tell me in the comments if you already put in practice any of the tips, and if you have different ways don't hesitate to share them, I would love to read any other way to make me feel better!



  1. Lovely post. :)


  2. Love this post, you have some great advise!


  3. Such a lovely post and very inspiring!


  4. I really like the tip on how to tackle those fears- especially how you go down the list and try to think of what's the worst that can happen. That would *really* put some things into perspective. These are great, encouraging ideas :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. This is such great advice! Thanks for sharing, it is a great read :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  6. I loved this post - I think happiness is something that so many people compromise for silly reasons. I totally agree that letting go is incredibly important. We can only change ourselves, others we can only love - if we're unhappy we only have two choices, to let it go or to remain unhappy. And life is just too short for the second option! xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. Totally agree with you <3 Thanks for passing by Angelica xx

  7. Awesome advice! I do my best to stay positive xo


  8. Very great advice. I think to stay optimistic is the most important one!
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  10. good tips :)