Book of The Week || The Ring by Danielle Steel

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello everyone, today I bring you the first book of the "Book of the Week" section, and well right now I'm in the middle of the story, so far I'M IN LOVE. The book it's called "The Ring" and it's written by Danielle Steel. This book it's a Classic in the Romantic category of all books , in my opinion of course. If you like romance like me, pink stories, this is your book...well the story it self it's not pink and happy all the time, It has like really dramatic parts, but trust me you won't regret starting reading it. Down there you can read the synopsis of the book...

"In Germany engulfed by war and hatred, the beautiful wife of an influential banker fell in love with a German author. His Jewish heritage led them both to death. The husband who survives her lives on to protect her memory, and their children. And the ring he passes on to his daughter, Ariana von Gotthard, remains a bond of love between them..." Click Here for more (I don't want to give you guys a Spoiler)

I want it to start this section of the blog to kind of motivate myself and start reading a lot more books. I love to read, for me it's a lot better reading something and putting your imagination to work than watching a film with the vision of someone else...I'm no saying that I don't enjoy myself watching films, that's actually something that I enjoy soo much, but reading for sure it's my favourite.

If you want, you are more than welcome to start reading the book, that's the entire reason of me recomending it, and maybe we can start a Reading Club.

Don't hesitate and if you want to know more about the book ask me in the comment section, I didn't want to give too much about the story because by saying the minimum I'll be telling it all.

Also I'm in the hunt for Books to read, if you want to recomend me one I'll really really appreciate it.

Get "The Ring"

Which is your favourite book?