May Wishlist

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
May Wishlist

So today I wanted to make a quick post and show you the things that I'm planning to get this month:

001. First is those gorgeous sandals, they're just beautiful and I really really want a pair of white sandals for this summer. The sandals are from bershka, which is a store that it's in my country Venezuela, but not here in the US :(  So I would have to tell my mom to get them for me and send it over.

002. Since summer it's just right on top of us, I need to start shopping for some swimsuits, and this one from topshop is amazing. I haven't tried a high waisted swimsuit before, and I don't know if is going to suit me well, but a least I can try.

003. I been wanting to get a Kitty phone case since I got my Iphone 5, and this one from Kate Spade is so cute! I mean it's not tacky like others I've seen before, with big eyes and even with a puffy tail.

004. I love black, like seriously I LOVE IT, and I always need to have at least 3 pair of black jeans or pants in my closet, It doesn't matter they all look the same I need to have them. But since they all look alike, and there's some days that I just want to look a little bit different, I want to get a pair with some cut outs over the knees.

005. My all time favorite perfume it's "Ralph" by Ralph Lauren, and since I wear it all the time, I need to purchase a new one, it's urgent that I get one since summer is going to start. For those of you who want to know how it smells, is like a fruity and sweet at the same time, but not to sweet, haha It's so hard to describe a perfume, but well I really recomend you to give it a go, and maybe you're going to fell in love with it.

006. And last but not least, is a new camera, to be precise the Canon 70D. Since I'm going to study photography in August I need a better camera for assignments, and I think this one it's perfect, It's not too expensive like a 5D mark but It's really a good camera. If you want or you're planning to get a DSLR I highly recomend to get this one.

Here's some of the links for the things I mentioned:

Topshop swim bikini


Ralph Lauren fragrance
$27 -

Don't forget to comment, and tell me which thing is your favorite <3


  1. Lovely wishlist! I'm obsessed with ripped jeans, I've only got one black pair but I feel like I will soon grow an unhealthy collection! Really nice high waisted bikini too! I bought a black one from topshopat year and I still love it! Xx

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I just found yours and I LOOVE IT! :) xx

  3. LOVE that bikini, the print is gorgeous xx

  4. likeee!

  5. I love the Topshop bikini! Every time I go in to Topshop I have to stop myself from buying it! I just know the high waisted bottoms would look funny on me x

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