How to wear: Nike Air max.

Friday, May 30, 2014
How to wear: Nike Air max.

Hello! Here's a quick post about how to wear nike air max, and I'm in love with those outfits soo much, that I wish I had more money to buy all of the pieces! haha

I own a pair of Nike air max, they're white, black, purple and bright green, I love them to death, if I could pick a pair of shoes to wear all the time I would pick those for sure. If you don't have a pair, I'll definitely recomend to you to get at least one, besides there's so many models to choose from, different colors and patterns.

But for me the best part is that they're pretty comfy and since they have like a platform fill with air you won't feel any tired from walking or running miles and miles, besides the platform gives a little bit of heigh and that's definitely something that pretty much every girl wants.

Pictures taken from Tumblr and Google

How would you style a pair of Nike Air Max?


  1. I don't normally go for trainers, but these are seriously changing my mind, they're gorgeous! The only thing putting me off is the price tag but I think they would be an investment so worth it :) I love the top left outfit!


    A Blonde Moment

  2. I absolutely love both looks! You styled the sneakers in two completely different but still fashionable ways. I just bought myself a pair of Nike Frees and can't wait to wear them on casual days :) Comfort never looked so good!


    1. I agree with you!! Comfort never looked so good! <3

  3. The jumper and leather skirt is definitely my fave! Perfectly styled! Loving the little leopard print too.