Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy happy day! Today, I will be sharing my new top 5 of DIY blogs of the moment with you. I feel that this type of blogs are just awesome, and having to manage one of those takes a lot of work, so I can't even imagine the creative process and the amount of time that takes just to write one simple post! (By just imagine I feel so lazy with mine). A while ago I post my top 5 DIY blogs in spanish, and basically the list hasn't changed that much, but since my blog has changed so much in the last few month I thought that I should show you guys a better list.

Click the name of the blog so you can go and check them out! I hope you feel inspired by any of these blogs, trust me once you see all the amazing things you can do all by yourself, you won't believe how satisfying is to make something knowing that you didn't spend a fortune on it! 

Love, Beatriz xo

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